Imagine having the energy + stamina you did in your 20's while enjoying the financial freedom and wisdom you have today. 

At Cenegenics® Jacksonville, we offer more than a testosterone shot. Using world-class science, enhanced diagnostics and highly trained physicians — Vitality is more than achievable, it’s inevitable for those who want it. 

Over 35,000 executives and professionals' lives have been transformed through our program. Our expert physicians take you through the most comprehensive, full-day assessment available to develop a fully customized Cenegenics Health Program tailored for your unique body and lifestyle. 

Patients start feeling the health and lifestyle benefits of achieving optimal health almost immediately. That is why our patient satisfaction and retention is so high.


You’re not the kind of person who takes the back seat and goes along for the ride. You like to be in control of your own future and “grab the bull by the horns.” Many of your friends and family say you’re a zealous person.

Isn’t it time to take charge of your health?

If you think it’s too late-- it’s not.

Most people lose the feeling of their prime when they age. Factors could be the stress of a demanding career, the sleepless nights when you can't turn your brain off, and the hard truth that we produce less testosterone as we age.  — they all catch up.

The hustling men who go through our Cenegenics® Elite Health Program begin to see the benefits after a few weeks.  Their families notice a huge change in their energy. Their significant others are eager to take advantage of their increased stamina and drive.

You’re already a confident guy. There’s no doubt it’s played a role in getting you where you are personally, professionally and financially!

Let’s be honest though — your confidence would sky-rocket if you were receiving genuine compliments and had the energy to outwork 20 year olds, now wouldn't it?

This is the power behind Cenegenics'® unique approach to health. 

Our Men's Program is Specifically Geared toward: 
















Fixing Testosterone In Isolation Can Be Very Risky

Imagine your body as a house. Looking through a single window, you would have a very limited view of what's going on inside. There could be hidden health problems like diabetes, food Sensitivities, or thyroid problems responsible for symptoms like tiredness and weight gain. 

Low T clinics take a very bounded approach to hormones, which means you miss out on truly restoring health and vitality in your body through a comprehensive approach.

After the first few testosterone shots, there’s can be an increase in energy and sometimes a jump in libido. If the hormones are not balanced properly, side effects will appear. 

These treatments don’t help you stand on your own two feet — they keep you dependent. 

Many men realize these “fast fixes” have left them:

  • With lower energy
  • Having clouded judgement
  • Losing hope of being healthy
  • Developing ED or having increased symptoms
  • Producing NO natural testosterone on their own

All because they were fooled by a common dispensary.

If you’ve been a victim of these “treatments,” you know all too well what it feels like. This doesn’t have to be the end of your story. In some cases, we can even help turn on your natural production of testosterone again.

Cenegenics® is Wellness For Your Entire Body

Accuracy is key for us so there are several health markers that need to be checked before even considering the right treatment plan. Hormones are highly sensitive and must be adjusted under the most expert supervision.

The Cenegenics® Elite Health Evaluation includes lab tests for 86 biomarkers so your physician can evaluate and treat you as the whole person. You are not just a single hormone. 

Having A Personalized Team Is Worth Every Penny

At Cenegenics® Jacksonville, you have an entire team monitoring, assessing, and supporting you on your health journey. We have answers to all of your questions and a group of dedicated professionals to help.

You will have access to a certified Cenegenics® physician, a carefully selected nutritionist, an experienced exercise coach, and a wonderful staff that is trained on confidentiality and respect.

Even with the best insurance, one heart attack can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. When it comes to traditional treatment — things get expensive very rapidly. Generally, you simply trade one problem for another. A medication that helps you but gives you side effects or needing another surgery after the initial one. 

Due to poor diagnostics, many doctors will prescribe different treatments for the same problem, not knowing how to fix it. This wastes your time and money. It’s not their fault. It’s just the way they were trained.

There is absolutely another way.

You can look and shriek like a Pinto or rumble like a Ferrari.

You spend $75K - $150K on nice transportation several times throughout your life.

Wouldn’t it make sense to spend $5k-$10k on your body a few times, too?

Things seldom “get better” without advanced prevention. That’s what Cenegenics does best — we find the root cause of an issue and fix it.

We would love to offer you a free private consultation to see if you qualify for our Elite Program.

Our team is ready to provide you with a world class experience!

The Blind Side Of Common Medical Care

Your typical doctor will see 30-40 patients a day just to survive today’s healthcare model. A visit usually lasts 15 minutes or less and very little, if any, prevention medicine is done. They are not set up to prevent issues, but only to put band-aids on bigger problems.

A lot of times you’ll leave feeling confused — like you didn’t get the answers you were looking for.

There are plenty of pop-up shop testosterone clinics available. These places are usually low staffed and work through insurances like Medicaid and Medicare just to keep the lights on.

They'll shoot you up with a quick fix of testosterone without:

  • Age-related training
  • Proper monitoring and adjustments
  • Understanding your body as a whole
  • A proper diagnosis of the underlying cause
  • An in-depth assessment of other hormones that will be affected

These pseudo-docs, as they’re commonly known, are happy to try and “fix” your problem.


More shots are all they can offer you.

Many men go here without understanding the long term consequences it could have on their energy, libido and cognitive function.

An ad promises them that for a few hundred dollars, one quick shot will give them better testosterone levels.

Hidden Health Problems







The hard truth is...


THANKFULLY For You — Ours Do. 

Our outstanding team of certified physicians and Elite Health Programs have transformed the lives of over 35,000 busy people just like you.

How It Works


Free Private Consultation


Elite Health Evaluation Day


Personal Plan + Ongoing Monitoring


Feel + Look Your Best

Concierge Medicine At It’s Finest

Here’s some of what our program offers that you simply won’t find at your primary care physician's office or any other online hormone dispensaries.

Finally Find The Root Cause

Comprehensive Lab Panel

This goes beyond a standard blood test and looks at 86 markers of health. There’s no time wasted sitting in waiting rooms or travel involved. Our personal phlebotomist will come to your home or office, at your convenience. This test is one more way we can help prevent any age-related diseases.

​See What You're Made Of

DEXA & Body Composition Scan

If you don’t know how much fat is on your body, how can you accurately measure progress? We measure your bone density, fat tissue, and muscle mass. Nothing comes close to the accuracy of a DEXA scan. After putting a customized strength and nutrition plan in place-- Cenegenics® members routinely see a whopping 30% reduction of their body fat within the first year. This allows your muscle mass to show through and display that lean body you had in your glory days.

Stay Active Long After Retirement

VO2 Max Cardiovascular Testing

You want to be able to run up a flight of stairs and have all day energy forever, right? Heart health is the key to unlocking that longevity. Even adults who may “look healthy” could have serious issues under the surface; poor circulation, slow arterial blockages and even micro-plaque build up around the heart. Overall cardiovascular health and aerobic endurance is revealed by this test. It is also a necessary component of shaping your exercise plan. 

Become Resilient Through Prevention

Carotid Intima-Media Scan (CIMT)

This specialized ultrasound shows plaque build-up around your arteries. Heart attacks and strokes are known as the silent killer because they often don’t show signs until most of the damage is already done. One CIMT scan could be the difference between a ticking time bomb and the right prevention of any heart-related disease. 

Stay ​Sharp as a Tack

Neurocognitive Assessment

You have a lot of decisions to make each day, and some need to be made within a few seconds. You can’t afford feeling occasional “brain fog”. We test for memory, attention, problem solving, visuospatial, processing speed and more. You can think clearly and sharply again with our customized assessments.

Stay Lean and Limber for Life

Nutrition & Exercise Plans

We use scientific eating plans that follow your body’s natural hunger cues. Your unique plan will include how to effortlessly lose weight while traveling, eating out, and socializing over delicious food. Our high power workouts will build muscle, sculpt masculine shoulders and save you time. We get you in and out of the gym quickly to maximize recovery.

​Meet with Only the Best

Physician Consultation

Our age-management certified physician will take several hours helping you understand the results of your tests. We help our patients understand their results and the best approaches to achieving optimal health. This will likely be the most thorough and illuminating doctors visit that you’ve ever experienced!

​YOUR PRIME WASn't yesterday — IT's tomorrow

With over 20 centers and growing throughout the U.S. and internationally, we are excited to surpass your expectations! We offer complimentary private consultations and full VIP treatments through our patient experience.

 Our patient satisfaction and retention is extremely high, as patients almost immediately feel the health and lifestyle benefits of achieving optimal health.

With Cenegenics® you can feel young again!

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