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While we cannot stop the aging clock, we can certainly control how you age. Our highly trained expert physicians use state-of-the-art diagnostics and medical science to help you remain a top performer.

We deliver precision medicine, personalized to you , and 5-star concierge service in a timely, convenient, and secure setting, making it easy for you to control how you look and feel.

Cenegenics® is proud to be the leader in age management, increasing longevity and affecting aging at the cellular level. Our certified physicians are trained to look at the underlying causes vs putting a band-aid on a bigger problem.

Cenegenics® is recognized for pioneering the way in age management medicine

Our physicians are trained to go far beyond the “put a band-aid on it" mentality and understand why your body is responding the way it is. Locating the root causes of hidden health issues is the only way to create personalized science-driven programs that effectively restore energy and vitality.

Each Cenegenics® physician has completed the Clinical Strategies for Healthy Aging in Age Management Medicine program, sponsored by the Age Management Medicine Education Foundation (AMMEF), the educational division of Cenegenics® Education and Research Foundation (CERF) - providing our physicians with a specialized skillset to practice this medical specialty.

Cenegenics® created the way for Age Management Medicine beginning in 1997 and has since set the Gold Standard for age related treatments in the medical community.

An internal study demonstrated that our patients reduced their body fat by an average of 30% in the first year.

25% of our elite members are physicians and their families.

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The Cenegenics® Elite Evaluation determines all the relevant risk factors of your baseline health and body composition. These results allow us to create a unique one-of-a-kind program to help you achieve the physique, libido and energy that you’ve always wanted.

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