Although the term
“low glycemic index” may be new, Cenegenics® Jacksonville has Been Ahead of the curve 

The Concept Of Eating Healthy Food Is Not

Typically, these foods break down more slowly and provide a steady source of energy to fuel your brain, muscles and other vital organs

Fat burns no calories at rest, muscle burns anywhere from between 25-45 calories just while sitting around! It’s imperative that you know if you’re losing muscle mass or fat while lowering your overall body weight. Bone-loss can appear when muscle loss occurs, causing serious health issues.

Your Individualized Plan Will Be Designed With Goals

that include

Personalized Food Maps

Not only will your personalized-DNA-driven food map follow your body’s instinctive appetite, it will also help you maintain a constant state of energy throughout the day. No more energy highs and lows to fight through.

Prevent illness and premature aging

Recent studies have suggested that a middle-age bulge may do even more harm than previously thought. It may increase the chance of developing Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia, as well as increasing your risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

boost your body's immune function

The human immune system is dependent on us to keep it working properly. By supplying essential nutrients for a balanced body-- it fends off colds, bacterial infections, viruses and more serious types of disease.

Once you’ve completed your Elite Health Evaluation, your team will work with you to design a personalized eating program that contains a wide variety of low glycemic index foods

Similar to our Paleolithic-era ancestors, you too will benefit from consuming nutrient-dense meals (fruits, vegetables, and lean meats with essential fatty acids).

At Cenegenics® Jacksonville, our low glycemic index program makes eating the right foods simple, easy and surprisingly satisfying

Our certified team is ready to help you take back your health!

Healthy living starts today with your free and private Cenegenics® consultation