If you’re like the rest of the world... Sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep and it doesn’t get easier with age

It’s important to understand the role that our endocrine system plays during sleep.

Contrary to the image we paint in our minds, sleep is not a passive process that occurs when the body shuts down at the end of a day

Sleep is an active process and your regulatory system actually depends upon crucial cues received during various phases of sleep.

Think of restful sleep as a powerful reset, that fights aging with intense rejuvenation. The trouble is getting to sleep, staying asleep and accessing the deep levels of the REM cycle.

Poor sleep quality can be impacted by unhealthy lifestyle factors, such as having an irregular sleep schedule or by malnutrition

When you fail to get enough sleep your body will adapt, but impaired cognitive functions, mood instability and future sleep problems are likely to occur.

Can't Sleep?


How to improve sleep quality

Sleep isn’t just something to fill time while we are inactive. It’s an incredible healing force which repairs your body inside and out.

Adults need a good night’s sleep for many reasons

Improved immune function

The Repairing Of Cellular Damage

Lowered Blood Pressure While Sleeping

Increased Productivity And Concentration

Important Hormones Are Secreted During Sleep

Most importantly, with Cenegenics® You can make sleep habitual, stay asleep throughout the night and complete full REM cycles

Even if I wasn't exercising, things like sleep were better.

Brad Collett Physician

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