Muscle mass is important

It’s what keeps a body looking young, healthy and supple. It’s not only a defining characteristic of masculinity, but lean muscle on women has a toning, tightening and lifting quality

As we age it gets harder to recover from workouts, hikes, and strenuous physical activity in general

Recovery is where the building of muscle actually takes place

It doesn’t happen while we’re curling a dumbbell or taking a run. It all happens afterwards. This is why recovery is paramount to making and keeping that sexy functional body. Research studies have revealed that after age 20, men and women begin to lose about half a pound of lean muscle every year. But There’s A Secret Weapon. Resistance training paired with hormone optimization.

Simply balancing your hormones and lifting heavy things can help reverse any muscle loss. In fact, building muscle fiber is more effective for losing weight than running on the treadmill because it burns calories long after you’ve finished exercising.

Weight machines, free weights and resistance exercises

That use the body’s weight (push-ups, squats or crunches) are ideal lean muscle builders. Each time you add 5 pounds of lean mass, your body burns an additional 150 to 250 calories per day. Whether you’re working, watching TV or sleeping-- you’re burning fat. According to a NASM report, this adds up to 15 to 25 pounds of fat loss every year!

Build The Muscle


Muscle Gain and Increased Strength

In just a matter of weeks... most men and women will increase lean muscle and notice an improvement in strength. Stronger muscles reduce your chance of injury while increasing the fun you’ll have when doing the things you enjoy (wink, wink)!

Other benefits of muscle gain can include

Endorphin response for emotional stability

increased bone density and mineral content

stronger muscles and connective tissue

reduced muscle atrophy from inactivity

improved body appearance and shape less risk of injury of daily task

Muscle is one of the keys to unlocking your personal youth

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