The Ultimate In Body Composition Testing

Are your workouts working?

Whether it be “the last 10 pounds” or an ever common 50, 60 or more pounds, tailored exercise is key.

It can be motivating to see the first initial pounds coming off or the loosening of a belt notch

Although the scale may be going down and you begin to feel healthier, you may be losing a valuable component of your body’s composition
-- muscle mass.

The truth is that weight is only one measure of health, usually implemented from a BMI chart. It’s a very poor indicator of overall wellness and isn’t personalized with regard to your unique body. A muscled NFL player in his 20’s and an overweight sedentary man in his 50’s can both leave their primary care physician's office with the exact same results.

Clearly, this is an inaccurate representation of the health of each individual. It isn’t even a skillful determination of general health. In fact, while the scale is going down, half of each pound lost could be lean muscle mass... essentially, you could just become a smaller version of your overweight self.

While putting on 10 pounds of lost fat could take a week, for some, putting on 10 pounds of lost muscle could take a year! Stepping on the bathroom scale simply can’t give you the important details that you need. Muscle is metabolically active tissue – meaning it burns energy in the form of calories. It’s imperative that you know if you’re losing muscle mass or fat while lowering your overall body weight. Bone-loss can appear when muscle loss occurs, causing serious health issues.

Excess Muscle vs. Fat

As your body ages, muscle becomes even more crucial than in younger years. It not only increases your strength and prevents injuries, it makes you look confident and sexy. On the other hand, carrying around excess fat can overshadow any muscle mass that you currently have.

Bio-impedance scales, which send an electric wave through your body, have poor accuracy at best. They can show very different readings depending on your hydration levels and/or how much food you have eaten. Calipers are another option, but due to the difficulty of measuring skin folds, it’s nearly impossible to get the same reading twice (unless working with a trained
professional in a university setting). Measuring tapes are popular, but because of several factors including bloating, abdominal readings can vary widely.

A DEXA scan can help you fully understand:
  • Where your highest rates of adipose tissues are located
  • How much muscle you're gaining or losing with your current routine
  • A consistent measurement of progress over time

You Can Look Better

Did you know being “in-shape” can take the years off?

don't be fooled

There are many reasons to lower your body fat percentage, but one of the biggest is simply the way you look. Frequent compliments and feeling more comfortable in your clothes never hurt anyone’s confidence levels. Imagine being able to look in the mirror and see a decade knocked off your waste line! This is all possible through our Cenegenics® Health Program.

Recognize Your Personal Risk

The only way to know for sure what’s going on is to look inside the body with a DEXA scan. 

This valuable data allows us to develop a one-of-a-kind plan and also have a structure to accurately measure goals. You can see exactly how much fat and muscle has been gained or lost, instead of relying solely on a scales smoke and mirrors. This can also give you a good idea of any lifestyle changes that need to be made or how long reaching a current weight goal may take.

Understanding The Full Picture Of Your Body

Wellness is comprised of several aspects of health

Find Out Where You Stand

Using the DEXA scan, we can find your current body composition of fat to lean mass and determine how it is distributed across your body. This is the only method available that can target dangerous fat around vital organs.

Increased abdominal fat is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, sleep apnea, depression, anxiety and even many cancers.

Working Together To Reach Goals

Upon completion of your first visit, our certified physician will go over every detail of your results. Our goal is to ensure that you not only know your results, but that you understand what they mean.

Take Back Your Health

Our specialized team uses state-of-the-art technology to carefully assess and diagnose your risk factors and overall body composition. Through this we can create a customized action plan to help you get into college condition again!

Cenegenics® is a world leader in age management medicine, leading the way in age defiance. Our certified team is ready to help you take back your health!

Our certified team is ready to help you take back your health!

Our 21st century approach to medicine has transformed the lives of over 35,000 people just like you